First off, thanks for checking out our website. We know that there are a number of reasons why you might have come to this page, but we are simply glad that you took the time to stop by. That’s how we feel about everyone who stops in on Sunday mornings, as well. No matter what your week has been like or even what your life has been like, we are simply glad to worship God together.

First United Methodist Church was created “in the heart of the city for the hearts of the city.” Sometimes our worship services are accompanied by both the majestic sounds of our outstanding music program as well as the sounds of sirens blaring. Among us you might meet a family that has two dads or two moms, perhaps only one parent, but you will also meet children with male and female parents. Some Sundays you might sit in between the owner of a company, an attorney, or a doctor and someone who slept on the street last night. We look like Charlotte. We all bring our own personal baggage, but we bring what we have and what we are to honor Christ and one another in this place. Serving God in the Way of Jesus is sometimes complex, but anything that has profound spiritual value should be.

Sunday in the SanctuaryAs you look around our website, check out the diversity of people, the variety of ways we experience God, our commitment to beauty, and our hunger for compassion and justice. You’ll see descriptions of worship experiences designed to uplift and challenge, hands-on, make-a-difference outreach and mission programs, vibrant music experiences, and our children and youth program known for its depth and energy. So, while we are blessed with one of the premier worship spaces in the Southeast, our richest blessings are the people who come together—members, visitors, pilgrims, leaders, followers, poets, and heretics can all find a place to serve Christ here.

– Pastor Jonathan